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Things To Know

Runway will be held in our new venue Buffalo State College Sports Arena on Saturday April 22, 2017. This event is the highlight of the year in the fashion department and many students and faculty put a lot of work into this event each year to make it successful. All proceeds from this event fund a department scholarship for FTT students.

The Fashion and Textile Technology Department has an industry-based curriculum, which means that successful executives from the fashion industry are invited to serve as our jury members and judges. The Jury of Selection determines what garments will be included in the spring fashion show based on the construction, suitability of fabric used, creativity and how well it meets the needs of your stated target market. Each jury member individually determines how he/she with weigh each criteria and all scores are added together to determine which garments are included in the show line up.

Each jury member has a different role in the fashion industry; therefore their focus will be different when they view the submitted garments. Someone buying for retail may look at the marketability aspect more closely, another juror may feel fabrication or workmanship is most important. Therefore you must take all aspects into consideration when designing/assembling/submitting your garment(s). If you are using a garment made in class, you should be aware that the criteria used for judging is not the same as is used to determine a grade. You may very well receive a high grade in a class and not make it through the jury process or vice versa.

*Note that each garment is judged on the construction, suitability of fabric used, creativity and how well it meets the needs of your stated target market. The jury is responsible for determining most of the awards given out the night of the Runway show – this is a very important part of the whole process! Awards are announced after the evening show.

Jury - March 30, 2017


Senior designers: 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Student collection: 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Single item: 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Location: Technology Building 3rd floor lobby

Designer application


You cannot just choose anyone to model for you!

Indeed, we do not suggest asking a friend or roommate to be your model. Often the average person has no idea how much time and commitment it takes to be a good model! Models are required to attend numerous fittings, wear garments that they may not like and still make the garment look good, be willing to wear unusual makeup and hairstyle to fit the “look,” be available for jury, fashion show practices and all day of the fashion show. This is hard work!

All models must be approved of by the fashion show production class. Specific names will be determined early in February but Erin Habes can be consulted before hand.

All potential models must have professional quality photos taken of themselves. One must be a close up shot of the face and a second one should be a full-length shot in a close fitting garment.

Obtain the model’s measurements and submit with the photographs. Minimum measurements required are: Bust, waist, hips, height. It is also smart to get their bra size (band and cup) as well as their show size for you own information.

Email all required information to This must be done early in your designing process! We will not allow unapproved models into the show!

Also be aware that if a model behaves poorly, the garment does not fit or there is another issue, which may affect the professionalism of the show, the model may be pulled at the last minute. Take this seriously and understand that the professional image of the entirely of the department is more important that one garment. If you have concerns, it is better to ask beforehand than to wait and see what happens. You may not be happy with the outcome.


The rehearsal is an integral part of the runway show. We want to show off our students and their designs in the best possible way…as professionals!

In order to do this, please follow the instructions below:

All designers must be available for rehearsal – if your models are there, you must be there!

Rehearsal for everyone (undergraduate students, senior designers, single item, and collection categories, graduate students, faculty, and alumni) is the day of the show. Models will have a chance to practice leading up the show with their designer and stylists.

Rehearsal - April 22nd @3pm (Day of Show)

Designers and models are REQUIRED to attend rehearsal for the fashion show. It takes place at Buffalo State College - Sport Arena. You can park in lots R-4, R-12, I-32, I-34.


Every year we invite judges to come to the Runway show to determine who they feel has stood out as “Best of Show.” These judges are typically chosen from a variety of local fashion industry establishments such as New Era and Eastman Machine or marketing/entertainment firms such as Kiss 98.5 and Luke Copping Photography, Block Club, among others. These judges look at the overall presentation of the garment(s) on the runway – hair, makeup, and shoes, chosen models as well as the garments themselves. This award is announced at the end of the evening show.

Show Day!

This is an exciting day filled with lots of downtime! Be sure to bring something to do in your downtime and some healthy snacks. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

All models and their respective designers must be available starting at 9am and stay until after the last show. No one is allowed to leave the area!

We will provide basic food throughout the day. The typical menu includes bagels and coffee for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and pizza for dinner. Vegetarian options will be available. Bring a water bottle as there are refillable water bottle stations in the backstage area.

Please be aware when eating to be very careful of all the garments around you - do not eat while wearing a stage garment if at all possible. If you must wear a stage garment, then throw a towel around you to protect it while you eat. All drinks must be a "library-safe" containers - you do not want to spill liquids on someone else's hard work!

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