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Runway Forever! Fund

Thank You

Thomas Coates and Brad Mazon for their most generous gift to the Runway production for years to come. And better yet it’s a challenge: After Runway 7.0 Mr. Coates and Dr. Mazon were so impressed that they reached out to the FTT department chair, Dr. Lynn Boorady to discuss a special gift to the department that would allow more students to participate in the senior Runway show. With the establishment of Runway Forever! Fund, this will be possible. Mr. Coates and Dr. Mazon encourage you to join them in raising $25,000 to endow this special fund for students' use to prepare and produce the annual Runway show.
Thank you Tom & Brad for kicking off this challenge in 2014 with a generous gift of $10,000, and most recently with your second gift toward the Runway Forever! Fund of $2,500.

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