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Sometimes it’s okay to invoke chaos and employ randomness, then edit the results into something meaningful. Digital technology allows countless new forms of expression and artistry, but it does not make creativity easier; it just gives us more choices. The students in Buffalo State’s Communication Design program have created impressive works for Runway and excellent material for their individual portfolios. They have also grown as designers. Their work reclaims a child’s curiosity, and couples it with the discerning eye of a well- trained designer—this is an essential capacity for innovative creativity. In these works, we can see this ability of professional playfulness take shape.

Brent Patterson

assistant professor, Communication Design Program


The COM434 Class is designed to put students into practical situations in the television production field. Students are involved with the planning, formatting, set-up and execution of all aspects of different television productions during the semester. The class works in conjunction with Instructional Resources and a number of departments across the Buffalo State College campus. This semester brought work with the Athletics Department to produce a Buffalo State College hockey game; the Theater Department on the taping of two of its productions; the Weigel Health Center on its “Take Back The Night” project; and with the Fashion and TT Department on this year’s Runway.

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